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I was born to become a painter (Salvador Dalí studies in Barcelona 1978-1979), but was captivated by the guitar artistery of Django Reinhardt. Early influences were the surrealist painters, the great thinkers of the renaissance, Frank Zappa, Django, Astor Piazzolla, Boulou Ferré (and his father Matelo, and uncle Baro...!) and only later more mainstream jazz. Every year from 1976 until 1996 I had separate exhibitions of paintings, but then the urge to paint and compose on the canvas made a perfect crossfade with composing music - so now I have become a guitar playing composer instead of a guitar playing painter. One never knows.

By sheer luck three childhood friends (and fellow freaks!) accepted my presence, and we formed the quartet Hot Club de Norvège in 1979 - we are still playing together, app. 100 days on the road each year. We are touring all over the world, and have recorded more than 25 CDs. We play regularly with all the maestro players in this field, and also crossover with classical orchestras, string ensembles and -quartets, and great soloists. Because our music is influenced by  Django, many people think we are retro. They can not be more mistaken.

I love the guitar, and spend my life exploring its possibilities, which is more than enough for one lifetime, but still limited. But by composing music you are into a landscape of infinite possibilities. Most days I both write music, do some hours in the studio and play at night - music is the best!